Windows doors & facades

Windows doors & facades

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Torino profiles have been a leading name in supplying architectural rubber profiles and building profiles to prominent names in the construction industry. The architectural rubbers that are developed using high quality EPDM profiles acts as sealing components between Aluminium and glass sections that are extensively being used by modern builders.

Torino profiles follow a policy of zero tolerance while supplying architectural rubber profiles and building profiles to its customers which work in their favour. We strictly adhere to all the specified dimensions when manufacturing architectural rubbers that make the customers enjoy perfect fitment when they use our architectural rubber profiles and building profiles in their construction.

Torino architectural rubber profiles when used along with superior quality Aluminium provides a protective seal to the interiors of the building from external environment. Also Torino manufactured architectural rubbers and architectural rubber profiles are weather and ozone resistance thereby having a longer lifespan.

Torino building profiles also helps in perfectly sealing the glass to the window or door frames, thereby helping to minimize gas permeation in AC rooms and also helps in reducing the noise. Other beneficial features of Torino architectural rubbers used for manufacturing building profiles include good sunlight ageing, excellent resistance to oil and petrol and quick compression setting. The excellent electrical resistance and outstanding thermal properties of our architectural rubbers make them suitable for designing even the electrical panels in the building.