Torino K Guard

Torino K Guard

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The Torino K Guard is specifically built to be used as a wheel stopper

Torino K Guard is a Proven Product designed as a solid rubber kerbstone to park against. The size of modern trailers and triple axle maximum weight limits take a lot of stopping safely. Torino K Guard is the maximum size that you can install safely knowing that accidental damage will not occur to the truck’s mud flaps.

Positioning for Maximum Effect the Torino K Guard is an extruded product that can be machined to the correct size to suit your trailer bays. The fixing kit can also be positioned to line up at the best location to absorb the impact of a reversing HGV.

Manufactured in Long Life Extruded EPDM Rubber for a very tough service life, they are designed to take and absorb the type of impact delivered by the largest HGVs and triple axle trailer. EPDM Rubber Torino K Guard buffers will recover every time the load is removed.

Cost Effective Torino K Guard buffers can be quickly installed on to most surfaces including asphalt, concrete and blocks. A free of charge machine cut-to-size service is available to supply the buffer in the exact lengths to suit your site.


Limits Test Method Test 
 10.5Mpa  BS903 A2  Tensile
 300% minimum  BS903 A2  Elongation
 65 – 75 IRHD  BS903 A26  Hardness

Heat Ageing 7 days at 70 degrees C

  1. Tensile retention 90% minimum
  2. Elongation retention 80% minimum
  3. Hardness change +7 IRHD

Compression set BS903 A6A 30% maximum 22 hours at 70 degrees C

Tear resistance BS903 A3 method c 40 N/mm minimum


Wheels stoppers are made of high impact resistance extruded rubber and have excellent weather resistances crack resistance and abrasion resistance quality.


Wheel stoppers are available in the following sizes:

Size Options Colour Options
150mm wide a 130mm high for trucks Black and yellow
125mm high x metre for cars and light vans Black and white
80mm cars only