Torino D Guard

Torino D Guard

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Rubber Loading Bay Bumpers are heavy duty extruded or molded profiles to withstand the impact and load of the loading and unloading vehicles. Bumpers protect the wall from damages and cracks. The impact level of these bumpers are very high. Bumpers are made of good quality, high density compounds to withstand resistance, deflection on impact and heavy impact.


All bumpers are installed by expansion bolts. The size of the bolts will depend on the section of the bumpers. Bumpers. Will be supplied with pre drilled holes. Standard bolts size:1/2” dia x 6” or4” Long expansion bolts



Rubber Bumpers can be manufactured to client's specification or as per cross section and quality details given below. Some of the standard sizes are torino-d-guard size and dimentions

TypeD1 D2 D3 p1 
w(Width)  75  150  200  150
 H(Height)  45  150  200  75