Railway Profiles

Railway Profiles

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There is a great similarity between Egyptian Railways and Torino Profiles. We both believe in innovation and integrity. Here are different rubber profiles for Railways that we specially manufacture to maintain the high standards.

Railway rubber profiles are created using high grade EPDM Rubber which possess features like resistance to varying weather conditions, high durability and temperature tolerance to changing extreme climatic conditions. Our entire range of railway rubber profiles could be customized as per the needs of our clients and their specifications.

Different types of railway rubber profiles offered by Torino are: Windows glass seals and door seals: Window railway rubber profiles are suitable to provide excellent grips to the window panes of train bogies. Windows railway rubber profiles are used for providing perfect seal to the glass inside the surrounding aluminum channel. Similarly, window door railway rubber profiles seals are perfect for doors as they keep the doors tightly shut which is essential to maintain the ideal temperature inside. Railway rubber profiles for doors and windows come in different sizes and can be further customized based on customers requirements



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