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If you are an ardent automobile fan and is protective about every scratch your vehicle receives, then you should opt for Torino profiles automotive rubbers that can give complete protection to your vehicle from dust, water and other natural elements. Torino offers windshield rubbers that are extremely robust. These windshield rubbers are manufactured using single Solid rubber which adds to the strength and durability of these automotive rubbers.

Most of the automotive rubbers especially windshield rubbers are made up of EPDM profiles with its wonderful properties like resistance to salt sprays and ozone. The windshield rubbers are available in varied sizes from large heavy motors to small automobiles. Also our windshield rubbers can be used for Indian, Japanese, American as well as automobiles from any global manufacturer. Our windshield rubbers are manufacture keeping in mind zero tolerance to any abrasion from dimensional specifications which helps in providing a proper fit and protects the interiors from dust, moisture and heat.

Our other popular automotive rubbers profile include large number of seals for your automobiles like glass run channels, flocked profiles, sun roof seal, windshield finisher and special seals for doors and windows. Our automotive rubbers and windshield rubbers are manufactured using high quality material in an environment boasting of world class facilities. Durability, dimensionally precise, great finish and resistance to rust are some of the benefits of opting for our automotive rubbers.


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