Before Torino was established in 1990 the family had a long experience in the fled of rubber extruded products this is where DNA of Torino comes from.Torino has been established in 1990.


Torino is an organization built on strict process and highly efficient people operating an updated factory.

Through trust,customer service and excellent quality be the preferred partener to local and regional clients in every sphere we operate.


  • Keep an innovative technological edge to secure and increase our market share.
  • Capitalize on R&D efforts to increase the yield of existing products and present new competitive ones.
  • Present high standard of customer service to secure smooth and trustable relationship with clients.
  • To enforce and increase our market share
  • To capitalize on quality practices and deliver better value for money

our products

  • Applicability

    Their using is very extended.We can also say that their most often using is a tightening's or dashpots.This group of products is for it's mechanical and physical facilities by used matirial using as a sealant for lights,construction joints,at surfacing by polycarbonate,air-technique and other branches of industry- e.g. automobile,engineering,food industry and the building industry

  • performance

    Very good resistibility against meteorological influences ,UV radiation ,higher temperatures,very good mechanical-physical abilities and also very good permanent set.They practically don't have any absorption and ideal temperatures of using are from -40 °C to +100 °C.Shortly up to +130 °C

  • Variations

    They are made at basic shapes,such as a square,rectangle,rounded tightening,ring and other special gaskets

  • Material

    This gaskets is possible to manufacture of many sorts of homogeneous fusion and harnesses - it depends on conditions of use.Density is just around 1,3g/cm3 and a hardnesses of the most manufacturing profiles is 70° ShA in present ,but we can also produce profiles in 40,50,60 and 80 °ShA.